Consulting Services

PLC Associates offers consulting services to districts and schools with a wide range of options. Services can range from initial conversations with doctoral students to help them design their research question(s), review past research and dissertations, and consider use of the formal PLC assessments.

Other consulting services might include conversations with practitioners related to  reculturing  districts and schools utilizing the five PLC dimensions and attributes,  informal tools and assessments, and formal assessments. Additionally, we can offer assistance in co-designing learning or coaching opportunities and training for educators in schools and districts.

While much of our earlier work was related to schools as PLCs, our current focus has been on a more systemic approach to help district leaders provide support for schools as PLCs.

In addition, if Educational Leadership or Teacher Education faculty are interested in incorporating this PLC work in stand-alone courses, or embedded in existing coursework, Drs. Olivier and Huffman invite you to contact them. The delivery of the course material can be in-person and via online modules.

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