PLC Associates Researchers

Our research into professional learning communities begin in 1995 in a project directed by Dr. Shirley M. Hord, a pioneer in PLC research at Southwest Education Development Laboratory (SEDL) in Austin, Texas.

Later, in 1997, six of the original researchers (D’Ette Cowan, Kris Hipp, Jane Huffman, Gail Moller, Dianne Olivier, Anita Pankake) joined together to continue the study of PLCs.  These researchers from Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin held positions as consultants, central office administrators, and university faculty. The information provided on this website resulted from the collaborative work of those six researchers. 

Since 2012, three of the initial researchers, Dianne F. Olivier, Jane Bumpers Huffman, and D’Ette Fly Cowan, have continued their research to enhance understanding of practices of successful learning communities.

The following information includes short biographies, comprehensive curriculum vitae (CVs), contact information and consulting services.

Dianne F. Olivier, Ph. D.

Jane Bumpers Huffman, Ed. D.

D’Ette Fly Cowan, Ed. D.